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I Lost a Battle, But I’m Still Winning the War.

Yesterday, I went home early. I was having a hard time staying at work because my anxiety was making me feel trapped. I have this problem a lot at work which is why I tend to miss so much. My FMLA accommodation is the only thing that’s saved my job (and my sanity) so far.

I lost the battle today. My anxiety won today’s battle, but I’m still winning the war. I’m still having more good days than bad, and I’m still fighting really hard to be like a normal, healthy person.

Sometimes, I get really discouraged when I lose battles. But nobody goes into a war expecting to win every single battle they fight… unless they’re delusional. And, out of all the things I am, I’m definitely not delusional. I know that there will be bad days like today, and I need to be okay with that. I’m not okay with it right now, but I’m working on being okay with it.

If you have bad days like I do, remember that losing one battle does not mean you’ve lost the war. Tomorrow is a new day for you to fight your battle again… and win. You don’t have to–and you shouldn’t–give up after just one defeat. Regroup and come back at it again when you’re strong enough. And don’t be ashamed to need time to recover either. Do what you need to do to win the war, not just one battle.



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