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My Five Step Plan to Beat My Depression.

In this post, I explained how I’m done letting depression make me its bitch. Now, I’m going to make it my bitch.

How am I going to do this?

I’m glad you asked.

Today, I’m going to tell you my step-by-step plan on how I am going to pull myself out of the slump of depression. It’s a simple plan, but it’s by no means easy. It’s going to be hard to implement these things in my life, but I think that, if I do, I will see some really positive results.


Step One: Do One Thing Every Day That I Don’t Feel Like Doing.

For those of you who may not know, depression takes away all your motivation to do anything. Lately, it’s honestly been a serious chore just to get out of bed in the morning. I’ve gone from showering every day to showering every other day (and that’s if I’m lucky; sometimes, it’s every third day). It’s gross, but it’s a really good example of how my depression has affected me.

To beat it, I’m going to do at least one thing every day that “I don’t feel like doing.” This could be taking a shower, working on my bullet journal, writing, whatever. As long as I don’t feel like doing it but do it anyway, I’ll count that as a win.

Step Two: Keep A Happiness Log.

I’m going to start keeping a running list of things that make me happy. When I get into a spiral of depression, it’s so easy to forget all the things I have to be happy about.

I’m going to make a spread in my bullet journal for this so that I can easily reference it. This will help me remember the things that make me happy in times when I’ve forgotten. That way, I can look my depression in the face and remind it of all the things I have that make me happy.

Step Three: Have Backup.

My husband has been my rock throughout this major depressive episode. He’s been there for every doctor’s appointment, every breakdown, and every breakthrough. Needless to say, I’m planning to lean on him a lot while I’m trying to dig my way out of this hole.

I’ve also recently reconnected with some old friends, one of whom also has depression. She’s been my best friend since kindergarten, so I think it’s safe to say I’m considering her part of my support network, too.

Step Four: When In Doubt, Write It Out.

Writing is my solace. I really love writing for this blog because I can be completely, 100% real with you guys. I don’t hide the fact that I have depression from people I know IRL, but I don’t really broadcast it either.

By writing, I’ll be able to kind of dump out my brain periodically and sort through all the shit that builds up in there. I can write a post, reread it, edit it, and make sure it’s exactly what I want to say before I post it. In addition to being a release for my emotions, it also gives me a sense of control over my life because I can at least make this blog exactly what I want it to be.

Step Five: Affirmations.

It feels really lame to say these things out loud sometimes, but positive affirmations really help me. They’re really good thought stoppers (things I can think to myself when I spiral into repetitive suicidal or bad thoughts), and they’re effective at calming my anxiety, too.


By combining all these things, I really believe I have a solid battle plan for fighting off this bout of depression. I can also use the tools in my emotional toolbox to help me out during this time.

I know I won’t win every battle, but I can absolutely win the war. There will be times where I’ll get depressed and won’t be able to do these things, and that’s okay. As long as I don’t let depression kill me (like it really wants to), I’ll count that as a win.



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